Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bible Pitch Story

Bible Pitch
AVOP Insurrection
Long, long ago, human kind was able to develop the technology to preserve the mind of the dead into a robot, thus creating an artificial intelligence able to think like a human, and act as one to. The robots with minds of the dead are known as androids. But soon humans split into two different nations as a result to how to treat the androids. The first nation believed that androids should have equal rights as humans, they were known as the Republic of Humans and Androids (RHR). The second nation was more religious and believed that the androids were nothing but machines with no souls, so they enslaved them as robots to and turned them into mindless weapons (United Nations of the people-UNP). The two nations inevitable started a war that lasted 3 decades. After the destruction of RHR’s home world, the RHR was no more. Seventeen years after the war, in an isolated arctic planet, Yamari Torayashi and his grandfather lived as outlaws hiding from the UNP training to help Yamari’s brother’s insurrection. In another planet, rebels to the UNP, Yamari’s brother (head of the remnants of the RPR) plan’s a revolt to free the minds of the enslaved androids under the rule of the UNP, while their father (a biological robotic engineer), and an android named Jan Kuhn in far away planet was developing a weapon that would even the odds between the rebels and the UNP. The weapon is a new type of android with a mind of its own. It was developed to only be active as long as there was a living Torayashi around. At the stage that Yamari’s father was at, the weapon was active only when in physical contact with a Torayashi bloodline. Before Yamari’s father could go any further with finishing the weapon, he found out that the UNP was coming for him, so he gives the sends Jahn to deliver the weapon to Yamari’s older brother. However, Jahn will have to find Yamari, who was a lot closer than his older brother, since the weapon has to stay active, or else it will die and all the data with it due to early activation. Jahn then finds Yamari, the outlawed samurai, and they go on a journey to deliver the weapon to his brother in hopes of eliminating a government of tyranny toward the people and androids.

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